Trend youtube how it works

Trend youtube how it works. Use Youtube Trending

What's trending on youtube?

The Trending section helps viewers follow what's happening on YouTube and around the world. The aim of this section is to highlight videos and short films that could be of interest to a large audience. Some trends are predictable, like a new song by a famous artist or a new movie trailer. On the other hand, others may surprise you, such as viral videos.

There are those who think that YouTube is not really a social network, but the truth is that since April 23, 2005 (the day the first video entitled "Me in the Zoo" was uploaded, the growth of users has been unstoppable), today there are Up to 2 billion active accounts. Every year YouTube is more or less the protagonist of the rankings of the videos seen, which have become viral and disseminated on message boards and feeds of all platforms.

How to use YouTube trends to your advantage.

Yes, because these videos have to be uploaded somewhere, and usually YouTube offers a great service for those in the industry. Because you can embed videos, insert them on web pages and share them on various social channels. You can make money with YouTube, but it all depends on how you manage to position your content on the platform. You have to improve the ranking of your videos to be discovered.

We combine these metrics to provide a list of videos that not only illustrate what's happening on YouTube, but are also relevant to our audience's expectations and represent content hosted on the platform. This means that, on any given day, the most viewed video may not appear first in Trends, and the most viewed video may be ranked lower than the least viewed video.

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