Check if a YouTube video has Blocked Countries.

Check if a YouTube video or channel has Blocked Countries or restrictions.

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Check if a YouTube video has Blocked Countries.Youtube has restrictions in some countries due to copyright and intellectual property laws.

The reasons for these restrictions are mainly related to copyright issues - for example, you may be trying to access an on-demand streaming platform operating in a country other than the country where you are viewing or accessing the videos on YouTube. Not applicable to the country of origin.

Blocked in some countries: In some countries, one or more copyright owners do not allow this song to be used on YouTube. If you use this song, viewers will not be able to watch your YouTube video in these locations.

According to YouTube's rules, no user can upload content protected by US copyright, but despite this many videos continue to be uploaded: TV shows, music videos or live concerts, for example. Originally, YouTube was only notified through submissions from users, unless the copyright owner himself reported a copyright infringement. The system can also be used when the content is objectionable or offends a visitor's sensitivity, but is sometimes used inappropriately to trigger a virtual war or personal grievance consisting of purely malicious reports and counter-reports of other people's videos . Therefore he decided to cancel this option. The primary method YouTube currently uses to detect copyright infringement is the search system that users associate with clips. This is why users use alternate terms when uploading certain file types to circumvent controls.

Youtube has restrictions in some countries due to content considered offensive.

YouTube's policies restrict the inclusion of certain forms of content in videos monetized by ads, including violence, language, pornography, and "controversial or sensitive people and events, including topics related to wars, political conflicts, natural disasters and tragedies, including if no graphic image is displayed "unless the content" is generally of read or comic value and the intent of the creator was to inform or entertain ".

On December 3, 2006, the "Iranian Committee for the Promotion of Good and the Prevention of Evil" declared that "Jewish websites such as YouTube and their provocative and sinful videos are symbols of the depravity of the wicked West." As such, it blocks access to YouTube and other sites in an attempt to stop the spread of foreign music and films that are deemed morally flawed. There is no access to YouTube in Iran, as evidenced by the official YouTube channel of the Iranian news agency Fars.

YouTube, a video-sharing site and a subsidiary of Google, prohibits the posting of videos that infringe copyright or depict pornography, illegal behavior, unprovoked violence, or incite hatred in its terms of service. Videos posted by users that violate these terms may be removed and replaced with a message that says "This video has been removed for violating our Terms of Service".

Check if a YouTube video or channel has Blocked Countries or restrictions.Youtube has restrictions in some countries due to government censorship.

Another problem is that Youtube has to insert additional filters to prevent the publication of copyrighted content. In fact, considering the amount of content uploaded to the platform every minute, you can't imagine being able to do a human check. The rest is controlled by the algorithm, which inevitably introduces more restrictions and automated filters.

In some cases, the "censorship" may come directly from the central government, which intentionally restricts the freedom of its citizens to access certain content that the government does not like. In these cases, residents of a particular country often do not have access to anti-government content such as blogs, dedicated pages on social networks and / or online films that are condemned or promoted, which negatively impact the work. the government itself.

In 2006, Thailand blocked access to YouTube after 20 offensive videos were discovered and ordered to be removed from the site. In 2007, a Turkish judge ordered YouTube to be blocked in the country for a video insulting the founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (under Article 301, which prohibits insulting the Turkish nation). In February 2008, the Pakistani Telecommunications Authority banned YouTube in the country, but in a way that unexpectedly blocked access to global websites for several hours.

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