Whois Domain Lookup. Essential data of the domain.

Using the WHOIS service, you can find out who registered a particular domain. This allows you to find out who owns the domain you are interested in.

Whois Domain LookupWhois data can help you find domain names that are being used for illegitimate purposes.

Querying the WHOIS database is an effective way to instantly identify the owner of a domain name that you may be interested in recovering. It is very common to register a domain name that looks like a well-known domain name or contains the trademark of a well-known company. In fact, these registrations can divert traffic and users to competing sites or counterfeit goods to the detriment of the legitimate owner of that brand, trademark or company name. Register.it helps you recover the domain of interest by negotiating the transfer of the related name and, if necessary, making use of the support of legal experts.

The Whois system was created as a method system administrators could use to look up contact information for administrators of other IP addresses or domain names (almost like a phone book). The use of data returned from query responses has evolved from its origins in aggressive and malicious terms (such as corporate mass spamming or using data to carry out attacks).

20th century WHOIS servers were very forgiving, allowing for random lookups. A WHOIS lookup for a person's last name returns all people with that first name. A query with a given keyword returns all registered domains that contain that keyword. A query for a given administrative contact returns all domains associated with the administrator. With the advent of the commercialized Internet, multiple registrars, and unscrupulous spammers, this kind of permissive search is no longer available.

Whois Domain LookupWhois data can provide valuable insights into the registration habits of specific domains.

You can query the relevant registrar's database via Whois protocol to understand the public information of the registered domain name. Queries can be done on the command line or via a web tool provided by the registry for a particular extension. Therefore, the tools to be used may vary according to the expansion of the researched field.

When you search a Whois domain, you get a list showing various types of information that allows you to contact an organization for business purposes or even for strategic purposes. Whois domain searches can be useful in many situations, from copyright infringement to a simple SWOT analysis to study the feasibility of a new project.

Whois is a tool that allows you to check if a domain is available, if it is already occupied, find out what the registrant's registration data is, and check other information about the domain, such as the registration date and expiration date.

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