What is my resolution of your screen?

Check what is my resolution of your screen, screen width, screen height, DPR (device pixel ratio) and more.

Your Screen Resolution

What is my resolution of your screen?Does your resolution match the needs of your device?

Maybe you are one of the many people who use computers, laptops and mobile devices every day without even thinking about the screen resolution of those devices. Knowing your screen resolution is helpful, especially if you find that your monitor isn't setting the correct resolution for your device size or if you want to switch to a higher resolution monitor. If your work is all about design, screen resolution can be very, very important.

While our screen resolution control can be used by anyone, some groups of people may find it particularly useful. For example, if you are building your site on a desktop computer, you may want to be aware of the screen resolution when working with the mobile response settings. Also, this tool is particularly useful if you are interested in knowing if your monitor meets the system requirements for a particular game or software before installing or downloading it. You can also use it if you think the screen resolution is too big or too small.

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