Checking server status online.

Check the server status, see if it is online and if the HTTP Code is 200.

Check the server status, see if it is online and if the HTTP Code is 200.Http code 200 indicates that the request was completed and received by the server.

Status code 200: OK. This is a normal and regular response in the conversation between the server and the browser, because it indicates that everything is fine: all the requested data has been recognized on the web server and transmitted to the client without any problems. Visitors, bots and spiders will not notice any errors and will navigate through the pages without any problems.

We receive a 200 status code when the resource requested by the client is available and successfully allocated by the server. It is essential to ensure that all pages of your site, or at least the most strategic pages, respond with a status of 200. Only in this way can we guarantee that the pages are accessible and therefore indexable by crawlers. In short, state 200 is a signal that is spinning.

With this message, the web server informs the browser if the request was successful, if an error occurred or if authentication is required. HTTP status codes are an important part of web server messages and are automatically added to the headers of every http response from the server. Users usually only receive http status codes in the form of auto-generated html pages, in case the web server fails to execute the client's request or site data cannot be sent.

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