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Generate your robots.txt file quickly and easily. Default - All bots, sitemap, search robots allowed or not allowed and other functions.

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Robots.txt generator for website.Why create a robots txt file for your website?

Among all the attention you have to give to your website, there is one dedicated to robots.txt, which is a decisive element in the structure of your work. Because they often invite you to improvise and create a website yourself. But there are still many steps to know. Above all, he managed to avoid problems. Or maybe it's about making the most of what you have. This is the step we have already covered in the .htaccess file, today I want to continue with robots.txt. A resource that intimidates those who do not know the subject, but is clear to webmasters: what is it for? How should it present itself? Step by step.

Hi, Honestly, I've never encountered the need to ask if having a robots.txt file is mandatory. Because even if you don't have to block anything, this file can be used to urge the crawler to do its job - scan everything. So I would still say to give the right direction to search engines.

In short, you can do anything here. As for the need to use a robots.txt generator, you can use this My advice is also simple: define your documentation with the webmaster. Then upload it to the website's root directory and tell the search engine how to proceed.

What is the purpose of robots txt?

"A robots.txt file is a simple text file that is placed in the root directory of your website, to be precise it is used to communicate with search engines. This file contains some information to improve crawling and reading by of crawlers ".

But what is the specific application of this tool? For example, by leaving the instructions in robots.txt, you can advise spiders (not necessarily all, maybe just Google) not to go into a certain folder. Or don't index the page. Do you need a clear example of robots.txt? Perfect, read the next paragraph.

robots.txt is a file that contains directives that tell search engines which parts of our site they can crawl and which parts they shouldn't crawl. The skill of an SEO consultant lies in compiling this file so that crawlers can access the important content of the site by limiting the crawling of minor content.

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