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Use this free Open Graph Generator to create meta tags for your website and copy the meta tags after and before .

Online Open Graph Generator.Open Graph is a protocol launched by Facebook in 2010.

It allows for deeper integration between Facebook and any web page. It allows any web page to have the same functionality as any other object on Facebook. You control how your website looks on Facebook.

Adding Open Graph protocol tags to a website is required to take advantage of the protocol.

Tag 1: on: title: This tag must not exceed 88 characters as it will be truncated to this length if it exceeds the maximum number of characters allowed. It should be placed at the beginning of the content and should relate to the first line of text.

Tag 2: on: Url: In this tag you give the name of the URL of the website with which the object is linked.

Tag 3: og: type: Describes the type of content shared: usually web-based, entertainment-based, or people-based. There are many other tags, including type, that share different types of content.

Tag4 og: desc: This open graphic tag will contain a short description of no more than 200 characters. It should be a catchy description that should increase the customer's interest in visiting your site.

Tag 5 og: image: Adding an image to the content is important because it can make the content more interesting to read. Without an image, the content could be boring to read. When uploading images to Facebook, make sure they meet the following pixel size and dimension requirements. These guidelines state that 5MB of file size and 1200px by 627px of image size is the maximum.

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