Online meta tag generator. Seo Tools.

Meta-Tag Generator. With this tool it is possible to generate online the meta-tags you want to insert inside the HTML document.

Online meta tag generator. Seo Tools.Meta tags can be used to improve search engine optimization.

The Meta Keywords tab offers webmasters the ability to define keywords for research projects. Thanks to the information entered, the user who searches for the corresponding keyword in the search engine database is shown those HTML pages that present the relevant keywords in the meta keywords tag. This used to be one of the most important SEO meta tags, as early search engines used this attribute as a key feature to rank search results. Today, Google does not account for metaelements due to the enormous potential for manipulation in calculating ranking factors. Bing and other major search engines also place very limited importance on meta tag keywords. Therefore, these meta tags have no relevance for SEO optimization of the website.

As mentioned above, meta tags provide search engines and website visitors with more detailed information about your website. It can be optimized to highlight the most important elements of your content and make your website stand out in search results .

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