Htaccess redirect generator. www and not.

Write in your Htaccess file if your website should redirect to www or only point to https: //. Create your url

Select redirect type:

Htaccess redirect generator. www and not.Htaccess can be used to redirect requests to a different URL.

Note that an important function you can perform with .htaccess is the 301 redirect, which permanently redirects an old URL to a new URL. This feature can be easily activated to force HTTPS for all traffic to your website by following these simple steps:

One of the great uses of .htaccess files is redirection or redirection. For example, individual files within a site can be redirected and requests can also be forwarded to another domain. This is especially useful if you are relocating your site. Once saved in the root directory, the following code causes requests for the original domain to be diverted from the server to the new domain:

Basically, .htaccess files are used to rewrite or redirect the URLs of our website. SEO is very sensitive to these changes and applications and actually allows this change to avoid duplication of content and will help us create rules to better route content to other url addresses. Very useful, especially when the domain changes completely, for example from to

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