Get and read the HTTP headers.

This tool allow you to inspect the HTTP headers that the web server generates when it requests a URL.

Get and read the HTTP headers.What different headers can be present in an HTTP request.

Headers can be sorted by subject using the HTTP protocol.

This term refers to any header that appears in both requests and responses, regardless of the content that may be included in the body.

When a browser sends a request to a website, it includes a header that contains additional information about the requested resource or about the browser itself. This header is called Request Header and contains information about the requested resource and the browser User-Agent.

When a web server sends data to the client, it adds an additional header to the response. This header includes information about the location of the data or about the web server itself. Adding HTTP headers to a web page can significantly improve its loading speed.

Some header codes, such as the status code or browser caching directives, are found in the response header.
Additional information about an entity's body can be found in its headers, which are typically marked as the entity's header. Some examples of headers that contain this information include the MIME type or the length of the content.

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