Does server speed matter for good SEO?

The speed of your server can affect the loading times of your website.

Does server speed matter for good SEO?First, there are two main factors that affect the loading time: the size of the site (i.e. the data that needs to be transferred) and the server latency (the time taken by the server, regardless of the data transfer).

Hosting and Server The hosting space where we decide to upload the website, and the server on which we upload the website, is essential to optimize the website loading speed. A slow server obviously doesn't give us any performance advantage in terms of speed. If the server is slow, the website will also be slow. So avoid hosting solutions that are too cheap or too risky, as they could internally hide slow and underperforming hardware solutions.

Keep in mind that the average loading time of the desktop version of the page is 2.5 seconds, while the abandonment rate for site response times greater than 4 seconds is 25%; vice versa, 50% is reached when the average time exceeds 10 seconds. So having a site with many pages that load below average can be really disastrous, especially for e-commerce: remember, longer waiting times, fewer online purchases.

The speed of your server can affect how quickly you can answer customer questions.

Of course, all of these problems can easily coexist with each other and slow down a website. Remember, the average user today gives you up to ten seconds before they leave the page and look for another answer to your question.

If you want to run a speed test on one or more pages of your website, you can use several tools, including native Google tools and third-party tools. The tools that I will show you do not require great technical knowledge to be interpreted, in fact many of them will give you advice on how to fix your site and improve performance.

The speed of your server can affect the loading times of your website.It is known that the average attention span per person decreases a lot over time. Some Microsoft research in Canada claims that the attention threshold has dropped from about 15 seconds to 8 seconds, the threshold for a goldfish. People on the internet are even more impatient, sometimes they don't even want to wait 2 seconds. That's why Google has decided to create an algorithm that constantly checks the speed of the website and correlates it to the thresholds of people's attention.

The speed of your server can affect the ranking of your website.

This is because the location of the web hosting server can affect the speed of your website. For example, let's say your web hosting company has servers in France. Visitors who are also in France typically have faster loading times than visitors who are in India.

As you can see, the speed of a website can depend on a variety of factors and can be improved in a number of ways. If you need advice on your website or are just curious about how to improve your website speed, contact us!

Website speed is well known, and perhaps even more so today, as an important ranking factor which, when properly optimized, can help improve a website's ranking in the SERPs. This means more visibility and therefore more leads or sales.

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